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Chateau de Goudourville, and bride fie, date July 22nd “Matthew was brilliant. We booked him fairly last minute, but he was great at communicating via email. He was on time, he was friendly to everyone and had all his equipment under control. His setup was great and adapted to our needs. He was very kind to play the songs we'd asked for when requested. He was very self sufficient and he als...
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Decades – Vinyl Revival

I have decided to try something new this year 2018, I am going to dust off the Old Vinyl I used when I first started, and thanks two my two Recent acquisitions of Stanton Decks, I can offer Music From the Decades, 60’s, 70’s 80’s on Vinyl. Optionally I can back it up with my other 17,000 + collection on PC {1950’s to 2018’s} If you like the idea of hearing that unique combination of qualit...
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