So you want to have a ‘play list’?

“I think, the way music availability has changed, my job now, often needs the following skill… and that it is to interpret any play list given and try and put it in to some sense of order, that will make sense, on the fly. Also adding tracks that are either requested on the night, or ones that I know normally go together well, and will extend the dancing, positively”

“Play lists” DO  have a place as guidance as to what the Bride or Groom may like to hear on the big night, and if it is really good ‘play list’, it will contain music that they suspect the majority of their friends will enjoy too. They should never be either too long or rigid, because honestly, it will just ruin the evening for the majority.

Don’t forget many of your guests will want to have a good time too, and may well have spent many hundreds of pounds on flights, accommodation and car hire.

If you don’t like Cha Cha Slide, Aggadoo or Dexies Midnight runners etc, or have any other firm dislikes, this can obviously be accommodated, but my motto always has been;-

“to keep most of the people dancing, most of the time”

Keeping with the above – I would recommend a list of “must have” songs,
that gives the DJ a good idea as to the type of music you AND your guests may like,
And I would suggest 30 or 50 song MAX (and that is 3 hours of music approx.)

And as a guest at a recent wedding, being extremely disappointed that his
or his Girlfriends favourite tracks were NOT able to be  played – due to restrictions put in place by the groom, said,
A great shame, as those tunes are what memories are made of !!”

I couldn’t agree more.

So there you have it. Rant over