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I play an eclectic mix of the past 70 years. I am not stuck on any one or two genres, but like to be dynamic on the night.
Wedding clients often want to give me a “Play list”, but 9/10 the songs I play around their choices go down better than the ones on the list.

Personal tastes really include all genres and years, but mostly what makes people dance for longest, or sing along to and generally have a good time, does it for me.

The difference between a club DJ and what I do is that in clubs, the DJ plays special mixes of records that allows him to easily Beat match and mix in track after track, maintaining the beat if he wants to.

The average top 40 or Pop , r’n’b and rock or mowtown tunes don’t generally lend them selves to this type of DJ’ing, hence that’s why I do not work that way.

I pick great tunes that work together well, and that means changes of rhythm and tempos sometimes (some people appreciate this..) . I have been doing it a very long time, so I am pretty good at it!

Pricing depends upon many factors, which is why it’s usually best to request a quote using the enquiry form.

Where I am the day before and days after, the distance between base or between gigs and accommodation expenses (when necessary) all affect the price.

Distance is important as well as the duration of the Disco Party plus any early arrival / setup or waiting times.

If it is in a building, I generally just need a 5 or 6ft table, and a French / European mains electrical socket capable of 12 amps.

If it and outside event, I need cover and protection from bad weather or sun, plus the above.

If the electrical supply is from a generator, it should have AVR (automatic voltage regulation)

The electrical supply should be reliable and stable and NOT prone to tripping out, if at all possible

A normal event in the UK or France I would bring everything I need except a table.

So that includes a suitable sound and lighting system, DJ computer and mixer, Radio Microphone, and sometime additional sound and lighting as per the event and venue.

For Germany, Czech Republic or other European Countries, I or the client would arrange the local hire of sound and lighting systems, and I would just have mixer, and DJ PC plus me the DJ !

A deposit is always required (and unfortunately, due to the way I charge based on where I was before and where I will be after your event) this is none returnable. The deposit often supports travel or accommodation expenses, or even flights.

Deposits can be paid in GBP £ or Euros to either UK or French bank accounts or by PayPal if required. Balances are either cash on the night upon arrival, or by cleared funds before the day of the event.

Upon receipt of your deposit I will send a confirmation.

In the unlikely event that I have to cancel, not only would I do everything in my power to find you a replacement entertainer, but would, of course, return your deposit in full (this has NEVER happened)

I am tax resident in the UK, and also have a siren / siret Tax status in France. I do not charge VAT.

I have Europe wide insurance which cover Public Liability with Music Guard (Thistle)

My equipment is regularly tested for electrical safety.

Well I would try to, but Europe is really big!

I do have contacts in different place that may help you If I cannot, so it’s always worth getting in touch.